General Trip Info

Please note the following:

  1. Size of trip party may be limited at the leader’s discretion due to consideration of transportation, equipment, skill requirements, etc.  Priority will be given to club members; names of non-members will be put on a wait list and their participation will be confirmed a few days before the trip, as space permits.
  2. It is expected that an offer of assistance toward vehicle costs will be made to the driver when sharing transport.  Remuneration is based on average driving time to and from a trail-head:  for mixed (paved/gravel) driving, a minimum of $0.45 PER MINUTE PER VEHICLE divided by the total number of participants (INCLUDING DRIVERS).  E.g.  for a 60 minutes round trip for 2 vehicles, each carrying 3 people = 60 x 0.45 x 2 = $54,  divided by 6 = $9/person.  Each driver to receive $18.  For long highway trips (e.g to Mt. Washington), drivers will determine a fair remuneration – to be decided on before departure – based on the distance and vehicle fuel consumption.
  3. Permission to bring pets on trip at leader’s discretion.
  4. For the safety of all, those wishing to join a trip should let the trip leader know if they any medical issues that might require attention (e.g. diabetes, severe allergies).
  5. Are you interested in trying something new but don’t yet have the equipment?  The Club has some extra ice axes, crampons, helmets, and snowshoes.  Contact Harold Carlson or Karen George for more information.  For paddling trips, some members have canoes but may need paddling partners; call the trip leader.

Club Rules & Regulations:

  1. Everyone participating in Club trips does so at their own risk.  There may at times be some degree of danger.  While the Leader will take reasonable precautions, neither the Leader nor the club will be held responsible for any injury, loss of life, or loss of property.  Participants must be willing to sign a waiver in order to go on Club trips or engage in other Club-sanctioned activities.  View waiver here.
  2. Life jackets must be worn while on the water during Club trips.
  3. Non-members are welcome to try out Club trips. Guests are, however, expected to become members after two trips.