Road and Trail Reports

The following reports were offered by AVOC members and summarize current conditions for access to some of the routes in and around the Alberni Valley. Any similar reports or updates can be submitted to Karen George for inclusion on this page.

MT. PORTER (as of May 23, 2021)

We went up Mount Porter on Sunday on a birding trip. 
It is now an active logging area, with logging happening in the area where the road diverges between Doran Lake and Mount Porter. All old growth at that elevation. It is posted ‘stay out’ without permission, but there was no one there on Sunday of a long weekend. 
The road up was a little rougher, with lots of loose rocks due to the extra traffic. 
Snow started on the road where the usual parking area is. but seemed to be melting fast. 
The trail itself is almost unmarked, because many of the few ribbons that exist seem to be on small saplings that are bent to the ground under the snow. There was deep, firm snow all the way up. 
It was a great day at the top, good views, but tops of mountains obscured. There wasn’t any summit canister that I could find. 

CAMERON MAIN (as of May 22, 2021)

We could drive all the way to the final spur before Minna’s Ridge trailhead before hitting snow so it was a very short walk along the road and likely good by this coming weekend.  Moriarty is likely not accessible yet without a walk.

MT. ADDER (as of May 15, 2021)

The road from Sutton Pass was clear almost to the trailhead and I have no doubt it is good all the way now.  Remember there is the one cross-ditch before the hut that is accessible only with a 4×4.

MARION MAIN (reported May 25, 2021)

 5040 Northwest Ridge trailhead is accessible as is Grizzly Meadows trailhead but can’t confirm Cobalt Lake.

PASS MAIN (reported May 25,2021)

The road is clear at least as far as the Saddle Trail but can’t confirm conditions beyond that point.